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•    Not all in My Head: Reflections on Women’s Treatment with Pain Care (based on book of that name)
“We were pleased to have Paula’s presentation as a part of our lecture series ‘Understanding Pain.’ Her presentation on women’s treatment with chronic pain complemented the other lectures. Ms. Kamen’s choice of personal stories was pertinent and enriched the conversation. The presentation was humorous, informative and sincere.”
–From the organizers, Marnie Dawson (International Museum of Surgical Sciences) and Rachel Baker (Hektoen Institute of Medicine), Chicago

A sometimes-humorous yet overall serious critique based on personal experience of chronic-pain treatment, particularly in women patients. It discusses the challenge of treating largely female “invisible illnesses” of pain and fatigue, and the trials of the “thick-folder patient” in general. It’s based on my book All in My Head, about my often absurd struggles to try to cure one long 15-year migraine (“chronic daily headache”), through odysseys through the extremes of both Western and alternative medicine.
The BOSTON GLOBE called it “a must read” and SALON.com said it “connects the dots on this issue of women and chronic pain in a way that nobody else has done.”
And THE WOMEN’S REVIEW OF BOOKS describes the book as “exhaustively researched, comprehensive in its cultural analysis, effectively organized, engagingly written, and, well, a riot.”

Now with slides accompanying presentation….

Recently given in 2007 at Tufts Medical College and the International Musuem of Surgical Sciences as part of “Understanding Pain” series. Sponsored by Hektoen Institute of Medical Research.
Time with audience interaction duration is: 1 to 1.5 hours


Girls gone Wild?: Young Women’s Changing Sexual Attitudes, Pressures and Empowerments (report from Her Way: Young Women Remake the Sexual Revolution on young women’s progress)
Jane: Political Lessons for Today Learned for Today from the Legendary Underground 1970s Chicago Abortion Service (based on research for play Jane: Abortion and the Underground)
Finding Iris Chang: On Trauma and Journalism, Bipolar Disorder, and Suicide (based on 
book of that name)
Beyond the ‘F’ Word: The Next Generations’ Visions for the Future of the Women’s Movement (based on Feminist Fatale book)
What I Learned the Hard Way: Non-Idealistic Survival Tips for Progressive Writers

(APPEARANCES ALSO AVAILABLE IN PERSON OR BY PHONE FOR WOMEN’S BOOK GROUPS. For a description of such an event, see Clare Helene’s blog.)

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As a guest lecturer at dozens of universities and medical programs over the past decade, journalist Paula Kamen has stimulated thoughtful dialogue. Since the publication of Feminist Fatale, widely noted as the first postboomer feminist book, Kamen has lectured at more than 60 universities through the country — sponsored by women’s studies, journalism, medical, and human sexuality programs, among others. This includes Tufts Medical School, the University of Chicago, Vanderbilt University, Williams College, Colgate University, Trinity University (San Antonio), Trinity College (Hartford), Virginia Tech and the University of Texas. She has addressed students and faculty, women and men, and activists and nonactivists.
Paula is open to suggestions for new lecture topics about young women. But those listed above best represent the research she has invested in her four books.