Jane: Abortion and the Underground

A timely and provocative drama about “the best-kept secret” in Chicago,
“Jane,” an underground abortion service that operated from 1969 to
 1973. This network, run by a feminist collective of mostly middle-class
 housewives and students, was the one safe alternative for about 11,000
 Chicago women of all backgrounds. Read more and order.

Seven Dates with Seven Writers: An ‘Unromantic Comedy’

This satirical play chronicles a woman’s modern journey for romantic 
and self-understanding in an opinionated, self-absorbed, highly 
individualized urban world. In its study of heterosexuals, the play
goes beyond cliched “battle of the sexes” material — such as Defending 
the Caveman — to make some original observations about the adversarial
 and competitive undercurrents ruling many relationships, especially 
among fellow artists. Read more and order.

A Cure for AIDS

The theme is the incalculable loss to society when artists die before 
their prime, whether because of AIDS or other tragedies. The drama
 takes place in the imagination of a former Nazi, Heinz. In modern 
times, he imagines a confrontation with a Jewish boyhood friend,
 Abraham, whom he had killed in a concentration camp. As he watches his
 son die of AIDS, he remembers Abraham’s childhood dreams of being a
great doctor and inventing the cure to a terrible illness. Read more and order.