Finding Iris Chang: Friendship, Ambition and the Loss of An Extraordinary Mind

The book is about my real-life search to connect the dots about the mysterious 2004 suicide of my friend, bestselling Chinese-American writer Iris Chang, the author of the international blockbuster The Rape of Nanking. Meanwhile, it profiles her glorious achievements — and the tremendous burdens — she assumed in becoming a superhuman symbol of activism and social justice to the Asian community. The book seeks to clear up rampant misunderstandings about the bipolar disorder, combined with hormonal events, that likely claimed her life. It also explores how journalists can survive in the long-term covering dark topics, without being harmed by the toxic effects of their subjects. The book is based on a eulogy I wrote about her for  For more reviews, blog entries and interviews,
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All in My Head

All in My Head is a black comedy, a candid memoir and an informed journalistic report. It’s about my often absurd struggles to try to cure one long 15-year migraine (now diagnosed as “chronic daily headache”), through odysseys through the extremes of both Western and alternative medicine. Read More

Her Way

Her Way demonstrates how and why 20- and 30-something women have evolved to act and think more like men sexually, while also creating their own distinct sexual patterns and appetites. Today’s young women are now the leaders of an unreported but sweeping “Sexual Evolution,” in which women take control of sex and redefine it from their perspective. In other words, do it “her way.” Read More

Feminist Fatale

Written when the author was 23 years old, this book explores a central conflict of Generation X women: resistance to the label of “feminist,” but then support of the ideals of the women’s movement. Like Her Way, it is based on hundreds of original issues with a diversity of young women and incorporates current research and pop culture trends.
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